Sunday, March 27, 2011

From Dr. Jekyll to Mr. Hyde...

I've been such a spaz with my art lately and I hardly get to scan anything! I've been finishing up the Dust Bunnies book this weekend and since I've been doing all this cute stuff I decided to throw a curve. I actually dedicated a whole day to my beloved world of Halo (watching Legends, playing Reach, etc.) so here's a study of my favorite Halo character: the Elite! This was so much fun so I hope to get more into it when I get the chance. I want to put the helmet on and eventually get it on toned paper for some color pencil. This will probably be an on and off again project.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

A Dusty Adventure!

Just thought I'd check in with some dusty stuff I've been doing. The book is almost done so be sure to be on the look out :) Here are 2 spreads, one with just the pencil and the other with the color laid on digitally. I can only take responsibility for the pencil work; Dexter (illustrator of A Cat Named Haiku) is doing the colors and is giving this story a really nice feel. Enjoy!

Also a little glimpse of.... DUSTY BRIE! Had a lot of fun with this.