Monday, September 9, 2013

Baltimore Comic Con 2013

Just when I thought that this year's Philly Wizard World was the best yet, the convention at Baltimore this past weekend was even more incredible! I partnered up with my buddy/talented artist Andrew Leta ( and displayed our work at the convention. We had a blast and were sooo busy! Canine character prints and watercolor pencil/pen sketches of pets were a hit.

I am so pleased with the positive response I had gotten this summer when I had finally just went with my passion & love for canines! It's really inspiring and touching to hear about people and their beloved pets. Here are some pics from the show!

Got to do watercolor/pen sketches of some great canines!

Playing pups.

Even got to draw a ferret!

Was excited to do a commission of con goers' pets as Krypto & the Flash!
Even did a Krypto sketch in a book solely dedicated to the Super Dog :)

It really means a lot how great this convention went, and I plan on doing many more! In the meantime I am always taking commissions via email & will mail out the pieces!

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Reaching outside of color pencil...

...slowly. Been having a lot of fun in the studio today playing around with some watercolor(pencil) fan art. I forgot how much I enjoy linework via regular pen. Nothing fancy.

Here's my second attempt at portraying Chris Martin from Coldplay. This time I'm feeling better about it!

Sunday, June 9, 2013


Since Comic Con I had some fun at the Gloucester City Arts Festival hanging out and drawing pups. A few of my Character Canine prints sold too! Was glad to be there! I'll have to keep ya posted on near-future events since this is convention/festival season! Hoping to get into as many as possible! Here's me from over the weekend.
Did a quick watercolor pencil/ink portrait of my lovely niece, Lola during my off time!

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Wizard World Philly 2013

I have to say this was my most successful Comic Con yet! I've been going there for about four years and this is the first time I actually put superheroes aside and did what I really love... drawing canines! It was more successful than I could imagine! I sold prints of the Famous Canine Character series where I would take a known doggie character and make them into what I think they would look like if they were an actual dog. I also did a Convention Special where I did watercolor pencil/ink sketches of people's pets. Here are some pics of how my weekend went.

Even got a horse in the mix!

Was definitely fun and successful! I can also do a more illustrative piece with your dog as a character, painted digitally. E-mail me if interested! & don't forget to follow my artistic antics on instagram @briezy_art.

Friday, May 10, 2013

Philly Wizard World is coming

..and I'm happy to say I will have some new stuff to offer this year. Any other year that I went as a vendor I drew the usual that you would see at a comic convention: superheros, villains & video game characters. While I love those things too, it just felt like it wasn't me. This year I'll be putting my spine on famous canine characters that we know and love! I always appreciate suggestions! I'll also be doing doggy sketches :)

This is an example of what I've been working on:

My Sparky as a real bull terrior.

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Newest Pet Portrait

How many sessions does it take to complete a pose with four golden retrievers? One.... Twooo.... Three.

Three sessions.

Saturday, March 23, 2013

2013 Endeavers

Hello all! It's been a little while since I'd posted last... this surely does not mean I hadn't been busy! The second generation of our very own Kippy Berryfoote will soon be available in full color! I redid the whole book and am much happier with it. Author Robert Lunsk and I are excited to get it out there. Here's a page from the book:

Since I primarily had been working alone since college, I found it hard to keep my enthusiasm up on a more consistent basis compared to how easy it was when you are surrounded by creative people. I recently decided to join the Burlington County Art Guild. It's really great! Every month there is a meeting with a featured artist doing a demo. It's incredibly inspiring! I'm also starting to enter shows and enter the Fine Art world starting with my pet portraits. I plan to get more illustrative as I go when it comes to the shows. But it is that time of year so there will be updates!

Me with my Papillon.
"Nature" show at the Palmyra Cove last Saturday. My first appearance in BCAG!