Monday, September 9, 2013

Baltimore Comic Con 2013

Just when I thought that this year's Philly Wizard World was the best yet, the convention at Baltimore this past weekend was even more incredible! I partnered up with my buddy/talented artist Andrew Leta ( and displayed our work at the convention. We had a blast and were sooo busy! Canine character prints and watercolor pencil/pen sketches of pets were a hit.

I am so pleased with the positive response I had gotten this summer when I had finally just went with my passion & love for canines! It's really inspiring and touching to hear about people and their beloved pets. Here are some pics from the show!

Got to do watercolor/pen sketches of some great canines!

Playing pups.

Even got to draw a ferret!

Was excited to do a commission of con goers' pets as Krypto & the Flash!
Even did a Krypto sketch in a book solely dedicated to the Super Dog :)

It really means a lot how great this convention went, and I plan on doing many more! In the meantime I am always taking commissions via email & will mail out the pieces!

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