Wednesday, May 30, 2012


Hello! I've been having a pretty exciting Memorial Day week, after my much needed relaxing/art-filled weekend. I've been getting my Fan stuff ready for print to bring to our table at Philadelphia's Wizard World convention this weekend. Artist Alley there is always fun! If you're going, please stop by the Rough Sketch table and say hi!

My weekend at the studio/boyfriend's house.

Also I received the honor to come to Carson Elementary School this morning as the featured guest speaker "wow" and talk with the kids about how art can be taken out of the classroom and into real life & career paths! I walked them through the steps I took bringing Kippy's story to life that I had just finished and it was a really good time. The little ones were so interested and enthusiastic. I even got a little too into telling the story by using voices and jumping around :) Sometimes my inner child gets the best of me!

Hope you're enjoying the summer weather and get your butt out to the Philly Convention Center this weekend! It's always a good time!

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